Course description


Introduction to Agile OpenFlexo Modelling

How do I Successfully Model and Communicate about Processes with OpenFlexo ?


  • Day 1: Introduciton to Process structure, Process flows, Sub-Processes and Level of Encapsulations.
  • Day 2: Case Studies and Process documentation and communication (story telling)

Practical informations:

  • Target participants: Business analysts, IT analysts, Process Owners, Modelers in BPM projects
  • Prerequisites: Introduction to Agile BPMN Modelling
  • Duration: 2 days
  • Theory/pratical
  • Theory/practical: 25/75
  • Language: English


  • Target audience: Business analysts, Process Owners or IT analysts.
  • How to efficiently model processes and communicate the analysis with other actors (users, IT, management, etc).
  • Introduction to the Agile Openflexo modeling techniques.
  • Learn how to model process, add screens and generate animated process scenarios or prototypes.



Dr. Dominique SNYERS

After his graduation in engineering from UCL Belgium, he obtained a masters degree from Standford University, California and a Ph'D from the Caen University, France. He has worked five year at the Philips Research of Brussels in the Speech recognition group. He taught computer science and operational research at the Ecole Nationale Supérieur des Télécommunications, Brest, France during 9 years before starting its own company specialized on Business Process Management and change management. He is the father of Openflexo.


3000 EUR max 4 pers