Course description


How to mobilize the business users for increasing the global performance of the enterprise?


Practical and personalised, the seminar combines two original tools (the Chalude Performance Model (CPM) and the Openflexo tool) to answer practical questions such as:

  • How to lead, steer and monitor agile workshop effectively?
  • How to motivate participants and involve the different departments?
  • How to facilitate change and control its progress?

Practical informations:

  • Target participants: Intended for analysts responsible for the specification of business and technical requirements and consultants responsible for bringing about improvements in the company's processes.
  • Prerequisites: None
  • Duration: 2 days


At the end of the training the participants will:

  • Be able to lead agile workshops to define the business requirements and improve processes.
  • Understand the new Agile Birds participative bottum-up journey to performance.
  • Be given a temporary (2 month) version of the Openflexo Business software and access to the SaaS portal.


  1. Any improvement process must involve the mobilisation of the personnel who are active in the field.
  2. Through agile workshops, participants analyse the flow of information and redefine the steps to be followed in order for the process to run better.
  3. This collective change process reinforces people's commitment, responsibility and individual motivation; it ensures that everyone makes their best contribution to the company's overall performance.


Day 1: Group exercises and theory relating to:

  1. Presentation of CPM in the context of agile workshops.
  2. Teamwork for improving the collaboration between actors
  3. Summary of the roles of Leader, Manager and Coach as well as their effective interactions.

Day 2: Application of the participative process using the Openflexo tools on a case study:

  1. How to use Openflexo to involve participants in agile workshops (how to use storyboard, written deliverable generation and roundtrip to the model, ...).
  2. How to guide the group so as to respect everyone's contribution and to collaboratively review and edit deliverables?




Trainer in Management, Communication and Sales, Michel Chalude has been coaching management teams in major european companies for more than twenty years. Specialized in Transactional Analysis and Process Communication, he wrote a book called "You and your project" published in French by InterEditions, Paris. From his practical coaching experiences, he has designed the "Chalude Performance Method".


Dr. Dominique SNYERS

After his graduation in engineering from UCL Belgium, he obtained a masters degree from Standford University, California and a Ph'D from the Caen University, France. He has worked five year at the Philips Research of Brussels in the Speech recognition group. He taught computer science and operational research at the Ecole Nationale Supérieur des Télécommunications, Brest, France during 9 years before starting its own company specialized on Business Process Management and change management. He is the father of Openflexo.


950 EUR per person